5 Month Update

Kaitlan 5 month update! - Kohler Created

Yup, officially dropping the postpartum, these updates are all about Beeb! Here is her 5 month update: Month 5 has probably been the most significant month developmentally yet. She hit this week about halfway through where it felt like she became a completely different person. She rolled over, started using syllables, gained a neck, and […]

Weekend Recap: Pizza and Baby Bedrooms

Thin and Crispy Pizza - Kohler Created

One last relaxing weekend before another race weekend. Neil requested pizza for our cheat meal this week, and somehow we ended up with enough for several meals. No matter, it was so good! I didn’t think about it till mid-bite about halfway through my personal pizza, but it’s been almost two months since I last […]

Scenes from the Weekend


We were hit with some crazy weather this past weekend. I’m really not trying to start every post with the weather, but this is worth noting. On Saturday, it got into the 60’s. Neil washed and waxed the cars AND cleaned the garage (he loves his domain) while I got a nice run in — […]

A goodbye tribute…

Neil, the dogs and I would like to take a few moments and remember our fridge, Ms. Superba KitchenAid, circa 1994… Oh Superba, you’ve served us well… Okay — Who we are kidding. She was a complete pain in the ass. Despite cleaning this fridge from top to bottom countless times since we moved in, […]

Murray Christmas


Image via Luke Dixon Neil and I wish you a Murray Christmas from Kohler Created! Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing and rejuvinating break! We’ll be back better than ever soon!

Spicy White Chicken Chili


I know we’ve already covered our now famous Spicy White Chicken Chili recipe, but since it was so long ago (before we took pictures really) I wanted to cover it again and offer it up as another great tailgate recipe idea! This recipe is infamous in our circle of friends. If we have a party, […]

Nate and Sarah’s Wedding Weekend


We had a blast at my cousin’s wedding in Minnesota this weekend. It’s always an awesome time seeing my family. Throughout all the changes, the moves, and distance, they are a constant and an amazing support system to both Neil and I. The weather this weekend however, was the complete opposite. I’ve never been under […]

Our First Foodie Guest Post! Jason and Aurora’s Yummy Hibachi-Style Fried Rice


If you’re like Jason and I, you love food. The problems is often what to make, not where to eat. We love Japanese food. Sushi, teppanyaki, you name it and we’ll eat it. After a recent trip to our local Hibachi grill, we realized that copying the food wouldn’t be that difficult. So after a quick […]

Bringing Back Sweet Finds


Eighties-tastic huh? I used to do these all the time before our blog moved over to self-hosted WordPress. Neil and I find awesome stuff all the time that doesn’t necessitate a full-blown blog post, but is so jawsome we’re always looking for people to share it with, so I’m bringing it back. Here it is, […]

You know you’ll be a helicoptor parent…


…if you listen to scientists who apparently say that babies exposed to music while in-utero display advanced capabilities as far as intelligence, coordination and learning faculties go and strap this contraption to your stomach. Seriously? As someone who very well knows how terrible some people’s taste in music goes (I’m looking at you Nickleback fans!), […]