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baby's first cold - Kohler Created

Baby’s first cold

Well, it finally happened. Despite my constant disinfecting, supplementing, hovering, and attempts to ward off potential illnesses with extra sleep … [Read More...]

Whole30/Nutrition Challenge: Week 1 - Kohler Created

Week 1: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

Well -- it didn't go as I hoped, but I've managed to do okay, mostly thanks to Neil's cooking. We kind of went into this week on the fly because we … [Read More...]


Preparing for your Whole30/Nutrition

Hey everyone! So last week I wrote about our Whole30 Challenge coming up at the gym, and I wanted to give you a little bit of an update! After … [Read More...]


4 months postpartum

We were in her 4-month doctor's appointment yesterday when I realized she was going to be 5 months old this week and that I hadn't done her 4-month … [Read More...]

2015 Kind-of Whole30 - Kohler Created

The 2015 Kind-of Whole30

Above:┬áPaleo Beef and Winter Veggie Stew Is there such a thing as a diet challenge cop out? Every year, CrossFit Fringe undertakes the Whole30 … [Read More...]

Cast Iron Pizza Crust Recipe - Kohler Created

Cast iron procrastinators

We survived the holidays! By the time they end every year, I am just so ready to resume routine. Even though I was a little sad to take down our tree … [Read More...]