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Nate Bacott

Goodbye for now

No not me, I'm not going anywhere. However, today I say "see ya later" to my coach and one of my closest friends, Nate. … [Read More...]

Baby-led Weaning - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/24-5/30)

Farmer's Market this weekend. It's CrossFit Regionals week for Central Region! As you may remember, Neil and I each … [Read More...]

The Curse of the Good Girl - Kohler Created

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

9 month appointment in the books and thankfully, no shots. We don't have to return until she's a year old -- isn't that … [Read More...]

Meal Planning (5/17-5/23) - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/17-5/23)

So by the looks of it, Kaitlan has possibly TWO more teeth on the way. She's been really amiable the past few days, so … [Read More...]

Kaitlan at 7 months - Kohler Created

7 Month Update

Note: Ack, we're at nine months and I'm again playing catch-up with Beeb's monthly updates. This is her 7 month update. … [Read More...]

BBQ Chicken - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/10-5/16)

Sorry for the delay on this week's meal planning. We've had an interesting week. It started this weekend with … [Read More...]