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We're Neil and Jes. Kohler Created chronicles life as we enjoy good eats, fitness, travel, and other adventures. We also build websites, small business IT systems, and dabble in design and branding. Learn more about our miscellany here.


Training Update

Instagram makes day to day training easy to share, but I thought I'd give you a little bit of long-form version on what … [Read More...]


Meal Planning (8/23-8/29)

Lightning fast weekend! I made a short trip down to Branson to celebrate Becca's birthday at the lake and was home by … [Read More...]

KK's birthday - Kohler Created

Beeb’s Birthday Party

Just a little photo dump to share some of the photos from Kaitlan's first birthday. I think she had a lot of fun being … [Read More...]

1 year old beeb - Kohler Created

1 year ago

Kaitlan is just about a year old! 1 year ago today I had my first contraction. I was walking back to work after having … [Read More...]

Banana Bread - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (8/9-8/15)

It's Tuesday! I meant to get a post out for the weekend on Friday, but things just got too busy with work and finishing … [Read More...]

Estes Park hiking with KK - Kohler Created

6th Anniversary/Baby’s First Trip to

Wanted to do a little "photo dump" of our vacation before it all left my short-term memory! When we were weighing the … [Read More...]