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We're Neil and Jes. Kohler Created chronicles life as we enjoy good eats, fitness, travel, and other adventures. We also build websites, small business IT systems, and dabble in design and branding. Learn more about our miscellany here.


Paleo Dollar Book Sale!

Okay, so I'm not big on sales or gimmicks, but we were contacted to be part of the Dollar Book Sale, and given I have most of these titles, and love … [Read More...]

Pho - Kohler Created

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Fact: The weeks go by SUPER quickly when you are going to bed with your kid before 9pm. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but when you are … [Read More...]

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How-To: 02-2008 Jeep Liberty window regulator

If you have a Chrysler/Jeep anywhere from 2002-2008 I guarantee that at some point you are going to one day try to roll up the window, hear a pop, and … [Read More...]

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Old School Blogging

I thought I'd just do some old-school rambling. You know, blogging just for the sake of sharing thoughts and feelings -- totally unsponsored and … [Read More...]

What's in my makeup bag - Kohler Created

What’s in my makeup bag

So a few months ago toward the end of my pregnancy, I wrote about my health and beauty regimen, or really, my lack of. I thought I'd do a little … [Read More...]

Kaitlan's first Halloween - Kohler Created

First Halloween

Not a ton of pics, but we had fun! We were trying to decide what to do all week, but realized pretty quickly that we are in the awkward stage of … [Read More...]